29 Sep


Here’s a question that keeps pecking away at my brain, especially as I sit picking out rows of quilting that I’m just not happy with–for the third time…

Like many, I guess I’d describe myself as a novice art quilter. I make quilts and wallhangings because I NEED to, not for any glorious end purpose. But, even though we make art for ourselves, isn’t it inherently public? What good is creating a “story” if no one reads it? And to show one’s work in a public forum (such as a quilt show) as a serious artist, a certain degree of skill is expected.

My skills are fine, but leave LOTS of room for improvement, for example, my Juni im Rhein-Neckar Kreis quilt whose border looks wavy in the picture, really has a straight border which poofs out a bit (hence the ripping out of quilting, one more time), and the lovely silk poppies crocked onto the blue sky when I tried in vain to wash out the last bits of yellow chalk used to mark the clamshell quilting in the sky. (Luckily, the crocking blends pretty well
with the hand dyed sky fabrics, but I’m still disapointed in the faint yellow cast that’s left.)

So, while one is improving her skills, are these quilts which tell an intriguing story, or have wonderful compositions, or inspiring use of color, or joyful exploration of a new technique, invalidated by their weaker links such as a wavy border, some puckers in the backing, uneven quilting stitches, etc? How many “I love it, but…” quilts lay languishing in closets? Or do we say, “she may have a few warts, but this is my baby and I want to show her off to the world?”

Any thoughts on the subject?

One thought on “Warts

  1. Kristin,
    I’m for showing the world! There is so much focus on perfection these days that we have lost so much that is beautiful and comfortable in our world. The focus on perfect bodies is one of those areas. We look at fashion models with their digitally sculpted figures and say something is wrong with me because I don’t look like that. How much beauty and good is lost to the world because young women look at those fake models of perfection and are so intimidated they don’t have the self-worth to go forth and face the world and even try to create their own songs? So my quilts may be slightly off and all the points don’t match, but trying is 90% of creativity so I say show that baby off!

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