25 Jan

Hey Teach

Do you knit? Then you’ve no doubt contemplated this pattern. I even contemplated it myself, despite my novice knitter status (so it can’t be too intimidating a pattern). Lucky me, my sister jumped in and knit one up for my birthday!

I have got to say that it fits great, looks great (IMHO), and is perfect for those chilly Hawaiian winter mornings and evenings. I love it both fluffy like mine, and lighter like the Knitty one. OK, go now. Knit one for yourself, it’s worth it.

8 thoughts on “Hey Teach

  1. looks great!
    but did i read about some CHILLY hawaiian mornings/evenings?
    we got -20°C over here. THAT’S chilly! 😉

    the yarn looks incredibly soft – and do i see some color specks in there? is it a hand-dyed? yummy color too!

  2. Hi Kristin,
    love the cardigan. It look really comfy. I like the little changes your sister made. Thanks for the link to the pattern. I’ve already bookmarked it. I’m in a knitting mood again right now and this could well be my next project.

  3. been off the web for awhile and am totally caught up on your blog now – just wanted to compliment the knitting!!! wow! that is awesome….your fotos of hawaii are so fantastic…i am not army so i don’t know how it feels but i am sorry that you are without mr incredible. i read his blog too…take care -marietta

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