16 Mar

Ides of March

TS&WGH, my hero

No I never actually remember which day is the Ides, by TS&WGH (Tech Support & World’s Greatest Husband) usually reminds me. I remember the anniversary part of it, but never the actual date.

When I fist met him, and he showed interest in me, I told him that he was too tall, too young, didn’t make enough money, and he was moving away, so I wasn’t really interested in dating. (Notice I said nothing about his hairline, which I did, and still do, find sexy.) He thought those were pretty lame reasons not to date and proceeded to woo me. One year later we moved in together. Things went well for the next two years and I didn’t really see a need to change them, but then he started talking about joining the army. I wasn’t convinced that the institution of marriage was the all that it’s cracked up to be, but I did know that the army could get pretty confused when people and things don’t fit neatly into their little cubby holes, so on the Ides of March, after finding out that he was accepted into the army’s “college op” program and would go to Officer Candidate School, TS&WGH proposed and I said yes.

Here we are a little more than ten years and two kids later and if he asked me to marry him again, I would in a minute. We’ve had some amazing adventures together, both good and bad, and I certainly couldn’t have predicted that I would be living this life, but I also can’t imagine living it with anyone else.

I love you, honey.

7 thoughts on “Ides of March

  1. How can you remember what neutralizes and you can’t remember when your husband proposed? Well, I’m glad he did and that you said yes.

  2. FYI. TS&WGH is my acronym for my hubby, who keeps my computer running smoothly and is, for me, my world’s greatest! (Tech Support & World’s Greatest Husband)

  3. I just noticed that I left out the key part above. It is that you know what neutralized the BLOB (nitrogen).

  4. Very sweet… the hairline is the only thing I still find mildly sexy about my EX husband, LOL.

    I know have a very sexy ex-army husband. Much better, even if he does have all of his hair.

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