20 Jan

A Gift

Two days ago, Neighbor Girl brought me a gift. Actually, she said it was for all of us — I just get to be the keeper. She found a chrysalis in her yard!

I am unclear as to whether or not she plucked it off a plant or not. She made it sound like it was just sitting there. Regardless, I am apparently the keeper of the all things caterpillar and she brought it to our house on a Styrofoam “platter.” It is smaller than our caterpillar who went missing in the wind storm, so I’m not sure if this is the same caterpillar, relocated, or if it’s a caterpillar previously unknown to us. I have been sworn to watch over the chrysalis and to alert all neighbor kids to the butterfly as soon as it emerges. For lack of any better spur-of-the-moment ideas, it has been ensconced under a protective dome and our collective fingers are crossed that we’ll see a butterfly in about 10 days.

This is my little contribution to hope and change on this auspicious day.

3 thoughts on “A Gift

  1. We have been immersed in the mood of hope and change all day. It is so exciting to watch the inauguration on TV and see millions of people unanimous in their belief that the future can change for the better. When you lived in DC did you ever see an event of any size with no protesters? I hope you get a butterfly.

  2. My friend has a caterpillar business and she gave us caterpillars once for Christmas with the plant that those particulars guys liked to eat (passionvine). She also gave us a home for the butterflies that she made from tulle and 2 embroidery hoops. She gathered the selvedges with elastics, added a ribbon and we hung it from a cup hook. We fed the butterflies by saturating cotton balls with Capri Sun sports drink and putting them in tiny bowls inside the home. It was cool to watch them uncurl their proboscis and drink the “nectar.”

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