17 Jan


It is a sad day here Chez La Flamme. The smaller of our two caterpillars died last Monday, presumably due to manhandling by one of the many children who were playing in our yard, and now the larger caterpillar has disappeared in our recent wind storms. Next time, we’re investing in a caterpillar cage/container thingie.

Also, I made chocolate chip muffins this morning. Really tasty ones with banana too. As they were cooking, my daughter asked, “Did you put chocolate chips in the muffins?” Ummmmmmm…. No.

6 thoughts on “Sigh…

  1. Oh dear, welcome to my world. My cooking mojo has deserted me and I am a forgetful, careless cook. I recommend you serve the muffins with a side of chocolate chips. Instruct the eaters to take a bite of muffin, then toss in a couple chocolate chips before chewing. They’ll never know the difference!

  2. The lack of cooking mojo must be going around! I couldn’t even do corn muffins from a mix the other day; I added two eggs instead of one, and they were a bit “bouncy” in the mouth, if you know what I mean. Everyone ate them anyway, there were just more of them.

    Sorry about the caterpillars. Now you really do have to write that book to honor them!

  3. Bummers. How about some chocolate frosting on top of the muffins? I assume you ate them anyway and I hope you enjoyed them. Try some brownies tomorrow.

  4. I once made a pineapple upside down cake and then wondered why it didn’t have quite the same taste as Mom’s. Then I remembered that her’s was peach. LOL

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