12 Jan


One of the reasons we wanted to post about our caterpillars is because we were inspired to make a softie version of the metamorphosis. We’ve taken quite a few creative liberties, but it’s essentially the life cycle of a Chinese Yellow, or Citrus, Swallowtail.

We started with our “baby,” the first through third stages (instars) of the swallowtail: the bird poop caterpillar. This stuffed version features a brown and white fabric, ruched to accentuate the caterpillar’s texture.

The quick-change artist then gets zipped into a lined pouch…

…to become the fourth instar: the chunky green version. I added the osmeterium (yellow-orange scent glands) later as it seemed like it could use a little jazzing up. I love how the functional zipper mimics the actual patterning on the real caterpillar. I really love that it was my daughter’s idea and not mine.

Next, the caterpillar(s) get put into the chrysalis purse and…

…out comes a beautiful butterfly! The butterfly has a pouch on her underbelly for a pom-pom egg so that the cycle can begin again.

The chrysalis purse isn’t quite as graceful or poofy on top as I was hoping for, but I do really like it’s quilted bottom section. Poopy should have a bigger head and Instar Four could be a little more detailed on his back, but really, we’ve been having great fun playing with this — and that’s what matters most!

26 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. Kristin, you and Katja are absolutely the most creative team EVER! What an awesome idea! Maybe you should pattern this and market it to some educational type site? Well, after you market it to all of us quilters and crafters who would want it first, that is! Oooohh, what if you wrote a story about the whole metamorphosis with illustrations of the various stages that were more like your softie versions than the real thing, and included the pattern?!? Thinking of something Hungry Caterpillar-like here storywise. How fun!

  2. I see a pattern line or a book in the offing–“Sewing lessons from Nature”. Whoa–I just now see that Nadine suggested the same thing. Seriously, with your graphics background and total all around cleverness, I think there is something there. But, that would be for you to decide–maybe it’s more fun as just a neat project to do with Katja.

  3. I learned a new word – instar. Of course, your real mom and I know that you are a creative genius. This would not have happened in Germany in January. I love how you are adapting to your new home.

  4. If I’d had you for a science teacher I would have paid more attention in school! What a wonderful learning project and what a creative team! Way to go! Cheers.

  5. *quietsch* wie süß! ^-^
    this is really, really lovely!
    no wonder katja had this idea – you’re her mom, and she seems to have your creative mind!

  6. Think pattern! With a book! Think different caterpillars and diff butterflies! Home-schooling Moms and others would love this for a science project. At least those who sew!

  7. Hey that’s what those kids get for having a creative mom, huh?;-) This is so cute, and what’s more it’s a collaboration! awsome

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