18 Mar

Tutorial Challenge

This may not be known as much of a craft blog, but, everybody loves a good tutorial, right?

There are so many, many fabulous tutorials out the on the web. In fact, there are so many, that some blogs have made massive lists for our convenience (how about Sew Something Special’s list of bags and purses, Creative Kismet’s fantabulous categorized list, and Whip Up’s Mammoth List of Festive Tutorials, just to start).

Remember the Rainbow Bag filled with Bowling Kitties (Bunnies) I borrowed from Bitter Betty? She combined two great tutorials (I’ve made the Wee Bunnies here and can vouch for their awesomeness) to come up with a great gift (and I’ve just upped it to three by adding instructions for the bag).

As I made my version, I thought, “Hmmm. I wonder what else crazy crafty people might come up with, just by combining existing tutorials.” Has anyone made a woodland scene with Little Birds’ Cone Trees and Resurrection Fern’s Knit or Button Mushrooms? How about making Montessori By Hand’s Recycled Bathmat, but using some Spiderweb Blocks from Bonnie instead of little squares? Posie’s Pleasant Dish Towel embroidery on one of the bajillion aprons out there? And when I saw Maya*Made’s batting Easter basket I immediately thought about making it with the colorful dyed batting from Painted Threads‘ pillow tutorial.

The more I thought about it, the more it sounded like a good idea to spread around. (Being hot off of participation in a successful swap, I must be high on connections and sharing!) So share your mutant creations with links to the tutorial origins in the comments. Heck, I’ll make a Flickr group so we can show them off. To bribe people to mash tutorials for my entertainment, I’ll probably even give prizes for clever combinations.

Here’s a list to get you started (check out other tutorials at all these sites too):

Folding Kanzashi Flower Petals, or this one that’s in French, but has pictures on making a whole flower instead of just one petal.

Bella Dia’s Travel Tissue Holder (my personal favorite of the many tissue holder tutorials)

U Handbag’s Pleated and Darted Purse of Prettiness (you do know that U Handbag is a great source of purse patterns and tutorials, right?)

Montessori By Hand’s CD Case

Paint in My Hair’s Undercover Crate

Styrofoam Paper Straw Wreath, via Folding Trees which is a treasure trove of cool stuff in itself

Odd Dotty Dollymaker’s Itty Bitty Oddity (egg-like doll)

Grand Revival’s Ruffled Skirt — an alternative to the 3 Peas Tiered Skirt (via Kuky Ideas)

Sew Mad’s Heartfelt Window Mobile

Criss Cross Coasters from Allsorts

Sew Mama Sew

Monster Munch’s Sock Monster

Button and Felt Hair Bands from Vlijtig

A modern Tree Skirt from Crazy Mom Quilts

Those cute little owls from Moonstitches, or the graceful birds from Spool that have been all over the internet

Fusing plastic bags at Craft (there’s a few fusing tutorials, but this one had mushrooms, so how could I not use it?)

This list is by no means comprehensive — it’s just some of the stuff I happen to have bookmarked. Go forth and find tutorials to mash and be sure to come back and share, either in the comments or the Flickr group (or both)!

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  1. This just reminded me that I am going to see Handmade Nation next week with Steph at the Contemporary Craft Museum. Faythe will be there – looking forward to it.

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