03 Dec

Wanna Hear Something Funny?

I drive a Volvo sedan. That’s not the funny part. One reason we bought it was because of all the stuff it can hold. I’ve put a tent, camping gear and food for three people for four days plus bikes and toys in the car. We once drove to Holland (from Germany, not Hawaii) with five people, their luggage, Christmas presents AND a vacuum cleaner in the car. Just a few weeks ago I had two kids, four dining room chairs, two recycling bins, terrarium supplies and lunch for four in the Volvo — with trunk and all doors firmly shut and everyone buckled in safe and sound.

What I couldn’t fit in either the front seat, the back seats or the trunk was our 27 inch tube TV in it’s original packaging.

Darn. It’s my goal in life to prove that one need not own a truck or SUV to carry things, and here I was in the position of having to have to ask my neighbor if I could borrow her SUV.

That is, until I had the epiphany that I just might be able to fit the TV in our “smaller” car!

Minis — they’re a lot bigger than they look!

13 thoughts on “Wanna Hear Something Funny?

  1. LOL! That’s hilarious! I wonder what WGH&TS (Did I get that right?) will think about that pic?

    Unfortunately, I just proved that we DO need an SUV to carry things: I bought a Yamaha Portable Grand Piano (which is a combo acoustic piano and electronic keyboard, and the portable part is relative to how strong one really is, I must say), and had to make a trip back to the music store with the Explorer because the giant box it came in would NOT fit in the Mustang. Though in all honesty, we didn’t buy the Mustang because of it’s carrying capacity! 😉

  2. It’s always about the stuff. If we didn’t want the stuff, we wouldn’t have to transport it. We bought a trailer hitch for the stuff we couldn’t fit inside our Outback. U-Haul supplies the exact carrying capacity when we need it. We are proud to say we have hauled stuff all over the western states and never used reverse!

  3. That is funny. I have a ford stationwagon so that I can carry lots of things, help friends move house and buy curtain rods or lengths of wood for projects. The annoying thing is that the cargo barrier has to be removed each time I want to do this. Cherrie

  4. Oddly enough, the Mini (and the Volvo XCountry) is one of the few cars that my husband can drive comfortably, all 6’5″ of him!

  5. I wonder how much it’d slow down Tech Support to drive the Nürburgring with the TV in the back?

  6. I put a 42 inch” flat screen TV in the box in the back of my MINI. The people at Best Buy were laughing until I insisted they try to put it in – and it fit! Hatch closed too.

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