26 Feb

Progress you can’t see

I was going to post a picture of my blank hallway wall, but is was BLANK, so why bother? The cool part is that it is blank because I have taken down the last two pages of hexagons and put them in my sewing basket! Of approximately 810 pieces, I am down to the last 40!!!!! This was the pokey project that was supposed to be happening in the background, while other stuff was happening on the machine. But it was actually fun once it got going; and it appears that I find more pockets of time for handwork on the go than for sitting at the machine at home. Hmmmmm. I like the process. I wouldn’t set out to spend a lot of time on something if I didn’t enjoy it. Well, except for housework and cooking. I have to spend time on those, or we don’t eat and must wear smelly clothes, and I don’t want my kids to have to endure that. But I like the piecing process, and I do usually have several projects going on at once so that one will match my available time or temperament. What’s funny though, is that as much as I enjoy the process, once I can see the light at the end of the project’s tunnel, I get very focused and obsessed and find myself putting everything else aside to work on the near complete project (or stage of a project). That’s where I am now with the hexagons. I can’t wait to get back to the sewing basket and keep going. I’ve put all the finished pieces on my design wall and am auditioning border fabrics.¬† I’m envisioning steaming and marking and squaring the piece up (because if any quilt needs help squaring, this¬† is probably it!). In fact, I am going to post this right now and go sew. Bye!

2 thoughts on “Progress you can’t see

  1. Can’t wait to see this finished. I feel the same about my beading and knitting. I really love having work that I can do when I am away from my studio. It is the work ethic I was raised with, I guess.

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