10 thoughts on “An Armed Meal

  1. OMG, I totally forgot about that! No, I did not — the combat boots stayed on!

    My plan was to cut the food, and if that failed, I’d be prepared to shoot it. (OK, not really)

  2. … and i thought they don’t even allow knitting needles…
    “fly to hawaii. immediately. i have a knitting needle and i am willing to use it!” 😉

  3. Oh Kristin. I didn’t know he was leaving so soon. I meant to email him back! I would love to have a pen pal or two “over there” (and I mean a real pen pal- not just email)!!

    Will be keeping a mental lamp lit for his safe return.



  4. Oh, and I forgot to mention — I also took my toiletries with me. Yes, with nail scissors. And want to know the worst thing I did? I brought an OPEN 1 liter bottle of water with me!

    Man, I live on the edge sometimes….

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