25 Feb

For Lisa

This one is for Lisa. We went out to dinner at our favorite Brauerei Ausschank and the kids entertained themselves writing on the beer coasters. I couldn’t help but think of Lisa the whole time since she’s totally into bird imagery. It says it’s “for those loyal to the line (the straight and narrow)” and below is “simply see more” but they’ve used a play on words and it could also be read as “simply see the ocean,” which I guess means the bird is probably a seagull. Anyways, it was a bird, so it caught my attention.

Connect the dots bird coaster

2 thoughts on “For Lisa

  1. Jever is a distinctly northern brand of beer and most -if not all – its advertising and brand imagery revolves around the ocean and the coast line. Hence the pun meer (=ocean) vs mehr (=more).

    Furthermore, “linientreu” is a somewhat bulky and difficult word given our recent history. If you were “linientreu”, you usually stuck to the governing Party’s line of thought, most recently in the FDR (=DDR in German), where diligently documented “Linientreue” (the noun going with linientreu) bought you small but treasured moments of freedom.

    OK, I’ll now stop being annoying!

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