01 Dec

A Malthusian Quilt

It’s understandable that people, including myself, tend to post finished works they are proud of. Who wants the world to see the half-baked reject projects that litter the floor? But, every now and then, it’s nice to see that not all works go as envisioned from start to finish.

About half way through my latest 12×12 challenge quilt, I decided that, since it’s about food, the edge needed to be finished with corn kernels. Problem is, eventually, little critters would want to eat the corn. So, I went to the bead store looking for corn- or seed-like beads. I came home with a whole bag full and started to sew them on:

Looks pretty good, but the intricacy of all the colors and shapes distracted from the quilt itself, which is quite spare. Out go the dark wooden beads.

Better, but the trio of “corn” beads at the corner is still too fussy. Oh, and those numbers stenciled on the side? I did those three times before I got it right.

To see the finished, blog-worthy quilt, check it, and all the other 12×12 challenge quilts, here.

4 thoughts on “A Malthusian Quilt

  1. Went over to the 12×12 and very much enjoyed the various interpretations of the challenge. Love the way your rice and corn eventually turned out as well as the use of the feedsacks.

  2. Great idea. I’m impressed that you could edit yourself… I think it’s tempting to be enamored with a concept and just do it, regardless. I love your finished product and I agree that the “corn” edging would have detracted, ultimately — but maybe it’s the kernel (harhar) of an idea for another piece…

  3. all the quilts are fabulous. yous is great and the edge is absolutely brilliant. not to mention the aged, part of history effect it has.

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