18 Nov

Thanks For the Inspiration

Robin and her daughter inspired us. Particularly since my son has been trying unsuccessfully to grow a venus fly trap for years. We had one as a houseplant in Germany, but it died (probably from lack of watering) after about a month. We tried one here in Hawaii in a pot on our lanai, but it died after about a week. He recently saw a terrarium of carnivorous plants in a catalog and then Robin’s project sealed the deal. We went shopping for supplies yesterday and got straight to work.

Here’s the girl version:

And here’s the boy version:

Thanks Robin!!

3 thoughts on “Thanks For the Inspiration

  1. I was inspired by Robin too, but we haven’t actually done the project yet. Currently, we’ve got paperwhite bulbs forcing on the kitchen table. They grow so fast! We’re all enjoying the progress.

  2. Oooh! Little Crock of Horrors! These are great. I love terrariums. for Mia’s birthday last year, the kids made mini terrariums to take home. They were not as grand as these.

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