13 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. Do you find you’re having a hard time adjusting to the seasons? Since I now live in the desert, I have a hard time realizing it’s approaching Christmas when I’m in flip-flops and t-shirt sleeves. It’s “supposed” to be cold and snowy!

    Lovely photos. Very representative of the aloha life.


  2. Of course- one of my favourite spots…..sight. Like England, it’s a cold, cloudy, damp day here in SW Michigan……


  3. Beautiful! I am so happy that you are adjusting to your new home and yes, we are all jealous! Enjoy the weekend.

  4. How beautiful! Would you mind if I send you a picture of the grey and cloudy sky in Germany or from my garden-trees and shrubs without a single leaf? 😉 Even the Fliegenpilze resigned and won´t be back until next fall

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