12 Nov

Game Night

We don’t have any regularly scheduled game night. In fact, we barely stick to reading-only after dinner. But, tonight, my son voluntarily got out a board game to play — which in itself is quite a surprise. It ended up being one that I thought we were done with seeing that it’s best for the 4-6 year old crowd and my kids are 7 and 10.

No matter, Geistertreppe (Spooky Stairs) cracks us up every time. It really is best with four players as the hook of the game is that all the playing pieces get covered up with identical ghosts and start swapping places and it soon becomes difficult (especially after a glass of wine or a Cuba Libre or two for the parents) to remember who’s ghost is whose.

I’d recommend this game to anyone with young kids or grandkids around. It’s quick and fun and you can play over and over without tiring. But I have to say, the American price scares me — I payed a lot less in Germany four years ago.

3 thoughts on “Game Night

  1. aaaaaah.. I remember playing this game at a friends house and I had forgotten about it – we had a blast! maybe this christmas? thanks for reminding me!

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