23 Feb

Not quilting, but the sewing machine is happy

I’ve been making slow progress on the hexagon quilt; it has taken a back seat to Fasching preparations. Fasching or Fastnacht is the German version of Carneval. It is described as the “crazy times” and features parties, parades, mock government and mocking of government. There’s lots of dressing up and general goofiness. It was originally a time to scare away winter and bad spirits in preparation for spring and the new agricultural year, and then later included a time to get all your ya-yas out before the seriousness of Lent. We hope to go to a parade on Tuesday so I’ll take pictures to share (especially rag covered witches for DebR). In the mean time, I’ve been making costumes for the kids to wear to school. This year Katja wanted to be a blue princess:

Cinderella Costume

Note the classy pink undershirt, since it is inconcievable in Germany to send a child outside without an undershirt as long as the weather is under 78°. (It’s hovering around freezing today, so I’m more than willing to comply.) The outfit looks great with a down jacket and fleece hat and gloves! In the works is a Sonic the Hedgehog outfit for my son. I have no pattern for it, but I am bouyed (sp?) by the fact that it doesn’t have a three layered skirt using 4 yards of satin, so how hard can it be?!

I had to take a break from the costumes to whip up a present, from my sewing stash, for a crafty neighbor turning 6 on Saturday. I decided to make her an apron with lots of pockets for essential craft supplies:

Craft Apron

The bear is modeling since I sent the kids off the school already. It’s a basic shaped apron with a row of pockets across the bottom, filled with paper, markers, stickers, and in the little yellow pocket, the all-important glitter-glue. Center is a pocket with decorative scissors. All pockets are trimmed with rick-rack, and there’s a few cute patches I got on sale at the notions store. It has gross-grain ribbon ties on the side and the halter around the neck is a tape measure with a backpack-type slide closure thingy. The guy at the store was happy to lead me to another tape measure that had inches (my American accent gives me away every time) so I had to explain that it was the width I wanted, not the measurements 😉

Off topic, my soundtrack today is mashed music. This is where DJs take popular songs and mix the lyrics of one with the music of another in often creative ways. I mention this because TS&WGH just snuck in one I hadn’t heard before: rx (DJ) splicing sound bites of George Bush to make him sing “White Lines,” originally by Grandmaster Flash. What a crack up! Also “by” George Bush are the masterfully edited “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (U2) and my ironic favorite, Dubya “singing” John Lennon’s “Imagine” with bonus chorus of Lou Reed’s “Take a Walk on the Wild Side.” Less socially relevant, but fun to listen to is my perenial favorite “Bring the Musik Back” by DJ Lance Lockarm which mixes 80’s one hit wonder “Pop Musik” with “Bring the Noise” by Public Enemy. Not everyone’s cuppa, but I thought I’d share just the same.

4 thoughts on “Not quilting, but the sewing machine is happy

  1. I’d like to get my hands on some of that music!! Great apron.

    Katja looks adorable – I am surprised that she wanted blue instead of pinl or purple, but then she is your daughter!!

    I am supposed to wear a costume Saturday night for our Mardi Gras thing – but I don’t think it will happen.

  2. Katja looks exactly like a princess! Personally, I found childrens costumes often the most difficult to make. I’ll never forget when I made KC a teenage mutant ninja turtle costume with a big, stuffed, masked head and front and back turtle shells and turtle claws!

    That apron is really cool…..you and your Bernina have been making children happy all week….time WELL spent!!!!

  3. Wow! You are the best mom ever. Love the costume and the apron. I’m reminded of a quote I saw on some blog recently about the princess in the blue dress. “If Cinderella’s mother had been around at the time, she would have said, ‘Darling, just because the shoe fits, does not mean you should feel obligated to wear it.'” How great is that?!

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