07 Nov

Nana’s Table

I never met Nana, at least that I can remember, but there was always mention of her. She was my maternal grandfather’s mom and left some pretty nice stuff with the family when she died (to include a friend who remained part of the family for years, until he, himself died).

Now that we are back in the US and gathering up things we’ve had scattered around (like the furniture and bread maker that were in storage for the last eight years), my aunt reminded me that I was the lucky inheritress of Nana’s sewing table. Awesome aunt that she is, she packed it up in a big box and mailed it to Hawaii, where it arrived a few days ago without mishap.

I have yet to fill it up with yarns and spools and stuff, but I know that will happen soon enough. I’m quite sure it will have a happy home here.

In other news, I’ve been sewing scraps (strings) for the last few days and I’m really happy with the result. Here’s the layout I love, but ultimately didn’t choose because I wanted to do another one even more.

Coincidentally, fellow 12 x12er Brenda has also been working on her own string theory.

8 thoughts on “Nana’s Table

  1. Nana made curtains and draperies for her husband’s interior decorating business. When I was young I would get to spend the weekend with her and sew something for myself. By the time you came along, she was knitting more than sewing and made you some cute baby dresses and sweaters. She died in 1968, a few months after your sister was born. After her “rug class” she pulled her DeSoto into the driveway and her heart failed. She was a crafter to her dying day. Enjoy the table!

  2. Lucky you! What a treasure to have that sewing table form your Nana. I am so lucky that my female cousins have absolutely no appreciation for my family’s hand made things so I get to watch over all of them.

  3. How wonderful to have a treasure like your table. I liked your Mom’s story about Nana. I wish you many hours of joyful creativity sitting next to the table. I like the string theory quilt. Have a great weekend.

  4. What a treasure. I periodically have this memory, very visual, of sitting at the treadle sewing machine on which I learned to sew. It would be so nice to have that very sewing machine.

    I love the scrappy strings. Ta, from the very worn out Grannie.

  5. How great you have something from family like this lovely table! I have a few things in my studio from my grandmothers, and it makes me feel I have a connection to them even though they are gone now. Even if you don’t know her, maybe there is connetion.

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