19 Feb


Have I mentioned how cool it is to have a geo tracker thingie to see where visitors to your site are visiting from? I love checking in and finding that I’ve had a visitor from some far off, exotic place. I’ve had a few visitors from places in India and Hungary I’ve never heard of, nor can I pronounce. Today’s fun place is a tie: I got visits from Reykjavek, Iceland and from Singapore! Of course, I love my North American visitors too. Though not as exotic, I am quite curious about my “regulars.” I’ve noticed that my blog is popular in the northeastern part of the US (are there just more people with computers in that part of the country?), and I have a regular from Enid, Oklahoma. Actually, Oklahoma is pretty exotic to me as I’ve never been there either. So, thanks for visiting, everyone! I love going “virtually” around the world with you 😉

2 thoughts on “Geotracker

  1. There have been some pretty big storms in the Northeast, so my guess is that those folks went to their computers for diversion.

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