19 Feb

Parties, Parties, Parties

I have done very little sewing in the last few days. We’ve been playing host and hostess with the mostest. Thursday is our usual evening to go out to dinner with friends. It’s almost stammtisch (german for a gathering of the same people at the same place at regular intervals) except that we rarely do it at the same place, and the guest list is pretty fluid. This week TS&WGH offered to host since we’ve missed the last few weeks. We filled our relatively small living/dining room with about 20 people (half of them under eight) and had a crazy, cozy time.

Next Tuesday, the American quilt group will come over for cake, coffee, and conversation too. But, in the mean-time, I hosted a baby shower today. (I swear I’ve never vacuumed so much in my life with all this pre- and post-party clean-up!) I can’t take all the credit for the shower, though. It was Tina’s idea to have the shower for our mutual friend Becky, and I couldn’t say no. So, here’s the festivities, ‘cuz I know you’re dying to see.

Me decorating the “baby blocks” cakes (with my ever-present assistant by my side):

Icing the cakes

The inside of the cakes, because I can’t leave well enough alone; and one of the gingerbread men in diapers Tina made for our prizes:

Cake cross-section

The table, mostly set and ready for guests. We went for afternoon snacks rather than a full meal, because, hey, we’ve both got smallish kids and we know our limits. I got out the silver because I was feeling girly:

Pretty table

Here’s my “bar” minus the coffee and waters I put out later. I’m so glad the baby was a boy, because pink just wouldn’t have went so well with all my blue decor:

Drink bar

Tina’s daughter was very curious about our guest of honor. I think she thought he was a doll.

Ella checks out Cashel

She still wanted to hold him, even after he started screaming:

Ella holds Cashel

No shower is complete without silly games. My favorite is one where you have various mushed and melted chocolate bars in diapers and have to guess which ones they are:

Tina sniffs a diaper

Here, Becky is very serious, meticulously writing down her results. This woman knows her chocolates, both American and German:

Becky studies the diaper

Becky and the baby received many wonderful gifts, but of course, the one I took a picture of was my quilt. Here Becky, baby Cashel, Birgitte and daughter Mira find all the fun novelty fabrics. They are totally unaware of the hideous combinations of greens because they found the print with the purple spiders! Oh, and the other one with the little bunnies! Did you see this, with the polka dots?…

Checking out the quilt

A fun time was had by all, and this being Tina and Birgitte’s first shower, we did a pretty good job as cultural ambassadors as well. Now I have to rest up so I can vacuum again in time for Tuesday’s group!

2 thoughts on “Parties, Parties, Parties

  1. How interesting! While you were writing about the shower you gave for your friends, I was attending one for Jennifer, DH’s wife. They are having a girl around April 1 and will call her Cate. Cate will never have to wear the same outfit more than once and she has a blanket for each one. I think DH is going to need some coaching from Art.

  2. Eeew! That chocolate in the diaper game is anew one to me! Lovely party – fun to see your homw with all the nice blue accents. I caught a glimpse of the mod birds in one photo!

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