29 Oct

Princess and Pin-Up

The Garden Princess Halloween costume is done — with three days to spare!

And even though we’re no closer to feeling like Fall here in Hawai’i, at least I no longer have to figure out how to incorporate jackets into the kids’ costumes.


Now that we have TV, I’ve been watching What Not To Wear. That’s where I got the idea for the scoop neck shirt. I also saw some really cute shoes and set about to find them. It took a few weeks, but I found something close and darn cute in my opinion. The day they arrived, the exact shoes showed up on a new episode. I feel so dressed.

8 thoughts on “Princess and Pin-Up

  1. I love that show! Taught me to get rid of the boxy tops and go for some curves. Those are great shoes. I love the princess outfit – suits her to a tee.

  2. Wow! Upon arriving in Hawaii you were reluctant to bare your knees – now you are even baring your toes! Really cute shoes. And a beautiful garden princess.

  3. Love the shoes, wonder if I can wear them with my smart wool socks? tee-hee! Maybe I’ll wait until Spring. Elegant princess! Have fun!

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