22 Oct

Living With Art

No, not my husband, my artwork. This could be seen as a follow-up, or serial post to the one with my “Quiltstadt” at home at my MIL’s house.

Village Series #1, 2007

It’s been difficult to find places to hang artwork in our house. There are a lot of windows and everything is very sunny. It’s great for living, but not so wonderful for art. We also have many favorite photos, prints and paintings competing for space with my quilts.

I like this little surprise walking down the stairs though. Not only is it a good size for the space, but it plays nicely with the artwork on the way up the stairs.

“Crenshaw” mixed media by Rachel Ann Austin, “Village” by Tatjana Novakovic, German Railroads Information Office, NY poster by Ludwig Holwein.

7 thoughts on “Living With Art

  1. What a great piece, is this a new one? I hear ya about the hanging too. After about 6 months of hanging in the sun, I had a quilt fade significantly..yours looks great!

  2. I know how you feel about trying to find spots. My house in Nova Scotia is the same way. There is only one large wall with no windows. I had to bring a couple of pieces back to Michigan because they either weren’t the right colour or I just could not find the right spot for them. Thankfully, I have lots of wall space here with the cathedral ceilings in the living room. I need one or two more big pieces; oh, make that three- there is a big open wall over the staircase going downstairs…..



  3. Love the Village coming downstairs! Yes, moving to a new home always means there are some things that simply won’t fit in the new home. It’s always a bummer! We once moved to a “larger” home and found that there were fewer walls for furniture, artwork, etc. Now I’m back in a smaller, more traditional square-roomed house with plenty of space. We visit family on Maui so it’s fun to read your new Hawaiian adventures. Almost like being there myself.

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