21 Oct

A New Dragon

Wanna know what I’ve been doing evenings in front of the TV? I’ve been making a dragon for my son. Not content with the Pokemon inspired creation we made last summer, he wanted a more traditional creature.

I didn’t want to start from scratch again and found this pattern by Pro-Baer at Kreativ Welt in Wiesbaden last November. It has taken me this long to get around to making it.

Once done, I realized it was somewhat similar to a dragon belonging to my daughter (that I definitely did not make).

This dragon is completely sewn by hand, with jointed limbs and head, and wings that I added by special request. Very fiddly, slow work, but totally worth it.

Of course, one reason it took two weeks to make could be because we’ve been doing things like going to Pali Lookout (on a rainy day — not the smartest choice; we’ll be trying this again another day), to an ice skating birthday party, and up Tantalus road to Puu Ualakaa State Park (Hubby has pretty pictures here). Yeah, it’s rough living in Hawaii.

8 thoughts on “A New Dragon

  1. this dragon is way beyond cute! he’s supercute! 🙂
    love those wings (definitely a dragon NEEDS wings!) …

    i’m a bit confused about the ice skating on hawaii – it’s indoors, right?

  2. Oh, I used to do stuff like this! And I didn’t even have decent TV to watch. I made Lisa a rather large version of Snoopy. I worked on it at night after they went to bed and hid it (I thought) during the day. One day she said: “Do you know what I want for Christmas? A big Snoopy Dog!!” Yep, she had been snooping and my surprise was gone.

  3. Lukas and I just LOVE this dragon. His preferred colour would be orange an red. Yeah, I know, a real boyish dragon (hahahah!). I´ll be off to the Kreativwelt in Wiesbaden next Sunday (see me doing the happy dance?), and I think, I´ll get the dragon pattern, too!!! Silke

  4. * big sigh * I remember seeing the dragon pattern at Kreativwelt and when I took Isa she was begging me to get it… but then my little reality check angel told me that I probable won´t have time to make it anyways. But hey, I´m going back there on Friday (yippeh) and since we´re buying a sewing machine for my Mom (at least that´s the plan) I think I need to get HER the pattern to make some for my monsters 🙂 Thanks for reminding me!! He turned out so cute!

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