17 Oct

The After

Remember the before?

Here’s my studio “after:”

I’m not calling it done, but it has plateaued to the point where it is functional and I’ve been spending my mornings there. The table is a new addition since our belongings that were in storage arrived. It’s a vintage Saarinen table that belonged to my parents and even though I’ve parted with nearly all of my college and graphic designer reference, inspiration, and tools, have purged my collection of California pottery, and I plan to garage sale a good deal of furniture and stuff that doesn’t work in this house, I just can’t part with this table. It’s too short for lots of cutting but I don’t care — it’s bigger than the even shorter dresser I was cutting on before the storage stuff arrived. Margaret of Resurrection Fern found my table’s daughter and made magic with it. Too bad Canada and Hawaii are an ocean apart because I’m tempted to try and convince her that the mushroom stool really belongs at my house!

Opposite the sewing and cutting side of the room is this side. I had set up the dresser as my cutting area, but when I couldn’t find any studs in the wall on which to hang the box of drawers, I moved them here (where they are working just fine) and brought in the pedestal table to cut on. The green paper collage is my son’s work. The rest of the wall is pretty much filled with my collection of mushroomy fun.

The wall between these two is mostly one long window and will eventually have some sort of sleeping arrangement in front of it. Whether that’s the white sleeper sofa currently downstairs, or a new fold-out foam thing has yet to be determined. The fourth wall is the closet with it’s mirrored sliding doors. They may be covered with a batting “curtain” for a design wall, but as long as I’m making garments and small stuff I’m not going to worry about that yet.

10 thoughts on “The After

  1. *sigh*
    can I move in with you?!
    beautiful, really!
    and I was just about to ask you about the green picture, but see… the answer is there.
    tell me when your son sells his works! 🙂

  2. Lovely! I’m newly enamored of my (okay, “OUR”) studio space as well, having cleared most of the floor last night. I’m trying to convince my daughter that floor space must not always equal work space (at least not in more than one room at a time) but she’s slow to catch on.

    I wonder where she gets that….

  3. You studio looks so warm and inviting, to say nothing of tidy! I can’t wait to see what fantastic creations are made there. Cheers.

  4. How satisfying to have your space set up and and usable, finally! It looks clean and bright and inviting … waiting for a good fabric-y mess!

  5. finally caught up with you! it has been a while – so strange to see all your warm climate things as i am so used to your germany life – nice to see all the fliegenpilz in your new space.

    i am envious of the quilt for your son – so perfect for a little boy! what will he be for halloween?

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