10 Feb

I feel a rant coming on!

This morning, for the upteenth time, I got an email about how the USA should be a certain way, and assuming that I agreed, would I please pass it on.

Where do these acquaintances of mine get off assuming that I agree with their narrow-minded (at least to me) beliefs? Just because I’m nice, middle class, white, and my husband serves in the Army doesn’t mean that I’ve got your back on these rampant ideological Holy Wars the US seems to be raging abroad, in our media, in the courts, and in my email inbox! (I’m the one who deletes all chain mail no matter how pitiful the cause or how much supposed bad luck I’ll incurr, and I won’t even reply to inform the sender.)

So, I could jump up and down on my soap box, but who’s listening via email? No one who makes laws or policies. Nothing I could say here, or replying to chain emails would change the world we live in (OK, maybe the net bots in Langley would perk up if I added a few choice phrases to get their attention, but I digress). It needs to be said directly to the movers and shakers on Capitol Hill. I’ve got half a letter drafted to my congress people urging them to rethink our role in the Middle East, and I guess now that I’m all worked up, I need to write another letter expressing my support of the separation of Church and State. Long story short, if anyone out there *really* wants to change US laws on Church and State, or for that matter, foreign policy, marriage laws, abortion laws, etc, spend your energy writing to, and protesting on, the Capitol steps and keep it out of my inbox!

OK, I feel a little better now. And just to make this rant quilt related, I’ve got two cents to put in to the small v.s. large art-quilt debate. I think that working small (post card and journal size) is a great way to experiment and try new techniques. But try to get yourself taken seriously by the quilt world and, outside a few very specialized venues, you’ll be shut down. I just tried to enter Katja’s Owlz in the European Triennial, and although it’s 32″ wide, it doesn’t meet the minimum size requirements. Same goes for AQS and Mancuso shows. I have no problem with minimum sizes as it helps the show organizers hang a cohesive and impactful show (they’re doing it all for us, you know). So, experiment away on small stuff, but if you want the world to ooh and ahh, I think you gotta go big (or at least bigger than 40″ wide).

2 thoughts on “I feel a rant coming on!

  1. Amen!

    Seriously, one can easily see that we are cut of the same cloth here as I feel the same about my inbox, holy wars and separation of church and state.

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