15 Oct

It’s October? Really?

While what seems like the rest of the blogging world is gathering acorns for the winter and crafting up autumnal goodness, I used my sewing machine to make aloha wear.

Yeah, costumed kids will be at my door begging for candy before I believe it’s actually Fall.

9 thoughts on “It’s October? Really?

  1. But we like gathering acorns and anticipating those rainy days that are perfect for crafting! Cute top, and your container garden looks like it is thriving.

  2. We have had a few days of brisk sunny weather and I love it. Great for doing power walking. However, the rain is coming back – such is life in the real world. Cute top!!

  3. ha!
    so you want to make us jealous?!
    and you did.
    cold, rainy & cloudy over here… but i ordered some lime green corduroy for a new winter jacket.
    i really don’t know if i envy you anymore… (except for the lovely shirt!)

  4. I am so envious as I sit here in my hoody, clutching my coffee, trying to get warm! I really like the fabrics you chose and the pattern. Have fun in the sun! Cheers.

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