01 Oct

Shelter From the Storm

We interrupt our regularly scheduled antiques show to return to quilts for a moment.

The 12 x 12 challenge is posted and I think we did a great job on this one! My story is here. It’s pretty straightforward this time. No deep concepts, just shelter plain and simple. I’m really pleased with it. As often happens though, I nearly killed it at the end. Any guesses as to what bonehead move I made and how/where I fixed it?

5 thoughts on “Shelter From the Storm

  1. Hi Kristin,

    Very nice, this entry for the 12x 12 Shelter-challenge!
    Funny that you found the ‘stormy’ fabrics! And indeed, the little house makes the shelter-idea come real.. A job well done!

  2. I can’t guess where there should be anything wrong – seems you fixed it pretty well (but I’m curious – tell me!)…
    The log cabin is a very appropriate choice, and the contrast between the warm & “lighted” house and the stormy surrounding is perfect.
    You turn a simple, basic block into a piece of art. It’s amazing every time you do this. And it leaves me speechless… every time again!

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