30 Jan


Two weekends ago I took a two-day felting class. I know I’m supposed to be focusing on my quilting, but a lady in my quilt group had signed up and was looking for one more person to fill the class minimum. It was at Anette’s, my favorite yarn shop, so how could I refuse?

We first made a “painting” with the wool to get used to the felting process and what each step should feel like. I made a plaid pattern, but ended up liking the circle we added on the other side (to see how the colors interact when the fibers migrate) better. Yesterday, I sewed up the corners of mine to make this catch-all:


Then we learned how to make a closed shape — that is, to felt around a plastic template and then cut the shape open and finesse the shape into a bag, vase, slippers, beret, etc. I made this cute little vase. I loved the clever, twisty neck. All it needs now are some button flowers to go in it. We also learned how to make felted balls and ropes.

Felted vase and balls

On day two we got to make a real project. We could choose between a messenger bag and a lattice scarf. Three made the bags and two of us made the scarves. For all the “holes” in it, I can’t believe how warm it is.

Felted Lattice Scarf

I really like the felting process. It’s great fun to manipulate the fibers and never know exactly what you’re going to end up with. I’d love to try a Nuno felt project. I saw some gorgeous scarves of silk chiffon with wool strips and motifs felted into the silk at a craft fair. This morning I perused the jewelry sections of the two craft stores downtown. This afternoon my daughter was at a friend’s house and my son was supposed to clean his room, so I had planned on spending some quiet time basting hexagons. Really. I’ll post with results in a few days…

3 thoughts on “Sidetracked

  1. I am so intrigued by felting. I think you could do some fabulous art quilts with felted stuff. I may give it a try once I get to Oregon with all those sheep and their wool.

  2. Now all I see is Gerrie Congdon running after sheep in Oregon with shearing scissors… see what you started?

    It is so easy to get sidetracked by yarn… your projects are wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Kristen!

    (You hadn’t posted in a while, I thought you ran off with Andreas)

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