28 Jan

Mod Birds

Looky what arrived in our mailbox two days ago!


They are from Lisa, who makes all kinds of fabulous things like birds and log cabin pillows. We traded: I made this table runner for her (see it in situ here):

Lisa's Table Runner

I sent her some indigo dyed, traditional Northern German cotton/linen I wanted to do something nice with, and she made these cuties. They go so well with my blue and white pottery. I may even name then Pfeffer and K├╝mmel. Thank you, thank you Lisa!

Birds with poster

One thought on “Mod Birds

  1. They look great. Love that fabric. I was happy to hear you were just busy with other things and not becoming a quilting slacker!! Heh heh! Did you get the class photo from Sue Benner last week. It was fun to see it.

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