27 Sep

Lot 1

Even before Gerrie (who I know loves mid-century modern) commented excitedly about my wares, I had planned on showing this set first.

It is much more mid-century modern than the rest of my collection, which has a more WWII look. Every time I look at this fabric, I think Gerrie, and look how nicely the cup coordinates!

I guess you could call this a luncheon set, or maybe a tea set with the addition of a teapot or coffee carafe which I don’t have. The manufacturer is Franciscan. They are well known for their “Dessert Rose” pattern, and highly respected as far as collectible California pottery is concerned. This pattern is “Tiempo,” which was first released as “Metropolitan” and commissioned by MoMA in 1939. The pattern was renamed Tiempo with the same shapes but different colors in 1949.

What I’ve got is a large rectangular platter (8″ x 12″) in Sprout green, a rectangular divided “bowl” (6.5″ x 10.5″) in Leaf green, four Sprout plates (not quite 8″), four Leaf bowls (4.5″ x 2″ deep), two Leaf saucers (6″) two Copper saucers, two Leaf tea cups and two Sprout teacups. Everything is in excellent condition. I want to keep this set together as I believe it has more value as such. Based on some internet research at antique sites and eBay, I’m asking $200 plus shipping for this gorgeous collection that embodies California mid-century modern entertaining.

Tomorrow’s offering will bridge my beloved 40s look with this sleeker aesthetic.

2 thoughts on “Lot 1

  1. your collection is absolutely wonderful. being a long lime angelino, I adore this kind of pottery too. My favorite is the green rounded square set, I would buy it if I could. But unfortunately with this economy and no steady income for us right now I have to pass.

    I would love to go to the otis reunion next week too. my hubby has been working out in LA so he might end up going.

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