25 Sep

I Hit a Wall

Remember the mess that was my studio/guest room? I did manage to clean it up enough to bring in a mattress for my mom to sleep on when she was here. Plus, she helped me organize it even more. My original plan was to put some shelves and storage on the walls, but even with a stud finder, we found no studs. I’m not sure how a house can be build without studs, but everywhere I’ve nailed or drilled, it’s always been just drywall — even if the stud finder, or rapping on the wall, suggests that one area might be more solid than the others, it’s not. So, I put artwork on the walls and some drawers re-purposed as display shelves, but nothing too heavy. However, behold the clean floor and usable ironing board in the background! Perhaps I will post more another day when the sewing area to the left is more resolved. I do need to show off the wall crammed with more mushrooms, art and inspiration.

I had originally planned (medium to long range) to buy a new sofa for the living room (leather!) and move our IKEA Ektorp sofa-bed up here. We got our last delivery of stuff (the things that had been in storage for the last eight years) and that has changed my plan. I’ll share our “big furniture” another day when it’s not surrounded by boxes, but trust me, it’s BIG! I think it grew in the warm darkness of the Arizona warehouse.  Needless to say, it dominates our living room and the addition of a dark leather couch would only worsen the effect. Now I’ve pretty much decided, for my sake, and the sake of future movers, to get one of those fold out foam bed/lounger/teen sofa things. Maybe I’ll get an ugly one at a box store and make a slipcover out of something cool and polka dotty.

What I really wanted to say though, was that with the much anticipated arrival of the big furniture, our washer and dryer, and more boxes, I’ve hit a wall when it comes to this moving process. I thought I’d be elated at having everything back together again. Instead, I am on the verge of tears because I now have more things to unpack and deal with. I guess my subconscious thought we were done. The big furniture, which was awesome 15 years ago when I was a graphic designer and really needed the flat files in it, and when we didn’t know how nomadic we’d become, is now a giant monument to immobility. I look at it and want it to disappear.  In fact, I’d like the moving fairies to come and finish off all my house projects: empty and remove the boxes; find places for everything that we love and use; make everything else disappear; make it all magically look wonderful.

Luckily, cherful things are happening too. Deborah sent us a sweet housewarming gift of a book for the kids we had been talking about, and a piece of art for my walls. She thought it would go in my studio, but I think it will be perfect in my blue bedroom. (Terry‘s bird is there too, as are Sandra‘s vikings.)

It’s entitled “House Upon a Rock.” (See the actual little rock sewn on?) Deborah says it developed unexpectedly, but is appropriate for my new home on a big hunk of lava, and also because it is so important for military families to be built on a strong foundation. So true Deborah! I will frame it soon and get it up on the wall where it belongs.

8 thoughts on “I Hit a Wall

  1. Ah I can feel your pain … moving isn’t always a fun thing once the initial excitement wears off. Not all furniture is always meant to go from house to house. If your large flat files no longer serve a purpose then sell them and use the money for something that this new house requires.

    Our office has this massive corner desk/hutch/lateral filing cabinet that takes up a lot of visual and physical space. I had ordered it many many years ago when I still was living in my own apartment. I thought that it would make a more professional statement as a freelance designer. Of course how was I to know then that my boyfriend would be asking me to move in with him (and then a month later to marry him)?

    Funny enough the furniture company was back-ordered and it arrived the day before the moving company came to take me away. It’s now moved from the original place to four different homes. And it didn’t really fit any of them well. One of these days I’ll sell it and replace it with something a bit smaller and lighter. 🙂

  2. So, you went from a graphic designer with one cabinet in the living room for supplies, to a fiber artist needing a whole room. You changed and the furniture can change, too. If it just doesn’t feel right, there is always Craig’s list.

    I’m sorry I can’t jump on a plane and help some more.

  3. I agree with the real mom. Just get rid of what is making you unhappy. You will get a few bucks, someone else will be happy with the big stuff and you can create a space with a leather sofa that makes you happy.

  4. the house on a rock isn’t only a beautiful but also a lovely gift.
    don’t bother about things that doesn’t “fit in” anymore – treat yourself with the things you want!

  5. I can only agree with the other commenters: if “things” are dragging you down, then find a way to pass them on to others and find “things” that make you feel good. And maybe a lighter leather sofa is the way to go (despite family life?!)? We only have one life to live so we deserve to have it as good as we can make it. Let go of the past “things” that don’t fit life now. I’m trying to do this, too, by the way, including the leather sofa. Remember those rainbows!

  6. no studs in the walls – that is kinda scary. but I love those clean white walls and the little shelves you did add! get rid of the big sofa and whatever else you don’t need!

  7. I so love seeing these beautiful corners of your home!! I sure do sympathize with you and the hard work of unpacking. Living without your things for a time is rather freeing isn’t it? I moved a ton when I was a kid and wonder if perhaps I will be so fortunate as to never move again?!

  8. Things are looking good. The bird looks quite happy to be in the company of Deborah’s clever house on the rock. You are way ahead of me. I am still struggling with boxes and things that I can’t live with/can’t live without.

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