23 Jan

Everyone needs an Andreas

I feel like Melody, posting about my newly installed electrical or other gadgetry; but I have light in my sewing room again! And that needs to be posted. Since we moved into this house a year and a half ago, I have been working under this insuficient and ugly light:

Old Light

So, recently, I added this jerry-rigged light (and another by my cutting table) from my old drafting table. Note the need for a transformer (grey box in upper left corner) as well since this light is 110 and Europe uses 220 power:

Old light 2

Which, of course necessitated many ugly extension cords, including the last free one in the house which I had bought for our weed eater and is on an industriual looking roll:

Extension cords

Since we now can’t open the wardrobe with the craft supplies without upsetting the lamp on top of said wardrobe, TS&WGH finally suggested that we actually spend some money and purchase track lighting, or something. Since we hope to stay here another two years, the investment seems worthwhile, and the next inhabitants will probably appreciate the upgrade. But, alas, I could not drill through the kryptonite in our ceiling to install the new light. (Andreas has told me it’s concrete and one needs not just the concrete drill bit, but also a pneumatic drill.)

Lucky me, this morning, the ever cheerful Andreas arrived on his white steed (oh, my bad–white van) with his trusty teddy bear-like assistant, and they installed my brand spanking new light fixture!

New lights

Since the army has “assigned” us to this house, they have also contracted for a handyman team to be available to make most repairs to the house (and all the others that are leased by the army to be assigned to soldiers and their families). This also applies to on-post housing, but on-post, the houses/apartments are crummy and the Army Department of Public Works does the upkeep. Anyways, I love that I can call the housing office and someone will come fix things for me. I may even love it enough to find (and pay) for a similar service when (if ever) we move back to the States. It doesn’t hurt that Andreas is congenial as well as capable.

And, on a quilty note, I whipped up this scrappy number for our friends who were scheduled to have a baby this weekend. His name is Cashell, after a town in Ireland, so I gathered all my green fabics 1/4 yard or smaller and hacked and sewed away. There are some hideous combinations of fabrics in this, but I think the overall effect is quite wonderful.

Cashell's Fields of Green

Yarn update: Remember the scarf I wove with the “yarbon?” I found a picture of the yarn here. It is the Da Masi, and the weaving net is at the bottom of the page. Also, the boucle type yarn I’m currently drooling over is the Fusilli, although my color is not shown. I bought several skeins in a predominantly red mix and will be sending them along to my mom to see what fabulous thing she creates!

7 thoughts on “Everyone needs an Andreas

  1. It is tough to have grown up in a “do it yourself” family. When you know you can do the job, you feel guilty about hiring someone else to do it. We have to realize that some people depend upon your household fix-its for their livelyhood and it is okay to employ them. They are probably even be better at it!

  2. love this quilt. i would never have thought of it, and now that i think of it, how could you NOT make a green scrappy quilt for an Irish baby! well well done 🙂

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