22 Sep


Instead of going to the beach this weekend, I decided we should try something else Hawaiian.

A hike to a waterfall was in order, so off we went into the woods, and over Maunawili stream (three or four times).

We tried (not always successfully) not to trip on all the tangled roots along the trail.

We followed these guys who looked like they were ready for a swim.

They beat us to the Falls and were already jumping, not only off the eight foot rock to the left of the falls, but off a ledge 20 feet up and to the right, just out of the picture.

An hour later the small pool was filled and the jumps became flips and gainers. That’s Zavi and I next in line above the splash. We did two jumps together and Katja and I did one. I was proud of the kids’ bravery until Zavi reminded me that he had jumped off the three meter diving board in swim club many times over the last year. They were still thrilled enough to want to do this every weekend though.

10 thoughts on “Splash!

  1. Mr Incredible is missing out on a lot of Hawaiian adventures. I admire your moxie for getting out there with the kids and discovering all about your new home. Is the real mom still there? In about 2-3 months, I am really going to envy the weather you live in.

  2. Real mom response: I only stayed a week so now I am ushering in fall at home in Oregon. I hope to return for more Hawaiian adventures when other Oregonians head south.

    Kristin, it looks like you are having no problem getting the kids outside.

  3. Wish I were there! The swim season is pretty much over here, and I’m already starting to miss it. May have to join a gym, but it’s not the same as having blue sky overhead.

  4. beautiful!!! It reminds me of a place in the rainforest of Puerto Rico where we were jumping in the water… sigh.. much better than the bleak september skies outside my window!!!
    hey, and I bet there´s some geocaching nearby for me 🙂 so take me next time! lol

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