18 Jan

Open Letter to my Sister

I just wrote this email to my sister who is to knitting what I am to quilting (not sure what that is, but I think it means she’s NOT a beginner and is willing to try most anything):

So, I was at my favorite yarn shop today to sign up for a felting class and saw this cute yarn. It looks a little like this, but it is boucle-ier. It has soft brown/green loops and more defined red ones. It knits up really chunky like a retro swirly, boucle jacket. In fact, Annette (fabo yarn shop owner) has a jacket/sweater all done and I’m afraid I might haul off and buy it because it looks all retro-cute. Then I saw a poncho with smooth stripes and the boucle yarn as a “fringe” around the top and bottom (I think the poncho was knit in the round). The yarn makes a super border, so I got to thinking maybe I should make a poncho too. Maybe just a scarf. I have a bunch of scarves, how dull. A hat with a furry, loopy brim? …and a matching scarf or poncho? Mommy/daughter ponchos? Are ponchos passe now? Gloves with loopy, fringy, furry wrists would be totally cool!!!! I can’t/won’t knit gloves. How about gauntlets? I’d never wear gauntlets. How about a felted knit bag with a border? Will it loose it’s coolness if it’s felted too? What to do, what to do? I know the yarn will be calling to me all day Saturday and Sunday at the class. What do you recomend (have already browsed knitty.com and am out of my league there–can only knit/purl rectangles or maybe something in the round with refresher coaching)?



So, I am sharing this with you because TS&WGH suggested, ever so sweetly, that I need to focus on my quilting and should farm out knitting projects. I reminded him that my sister is not exactly prolific. His solution: issue a challenge. You tell me what you’d do with the yarn, and if I like it, I send you a bunch and you make “it,” whatever it ends up being, and keep the rest of the yarn for yourself. (He doesn’t quite understand how many skeins it takes to make things.) That sounded cool, but a bit too self-serving for my tastes. Long story short, anybody got any ideas of what I could do with the yarn that’s quick and easy?

4 thoughts on “Open Letter to my Sister

  1. Hi Kristin! How about buying a pair of gloves and just adding the loopy, fuzzy trim? That would be short and sweet! Dianna in Maui (who is enchanted by knitting, but doesn’t dare dip in – what would i do with that stuff here? Ha Ha!)

  2. Let me jump in here. First, don’t be surprised if you don’t get an immediate reply from Erin. She is with her students in Colorado for two weeks and doesn’t have her computer with her. Second, Erin has infected me with her knitting bug and I just finished my second scarf. I need another “pick up” project and am available to follow instructions on a pre-determined design. So, once the two of you figure out what “it” will be, I’ll knit it up. Probably finishing it up for Summer. Can you give me the exact info on the yarn so I can see if it is available here?
    Love, Mom

  3. I think a simple little hat would be cute. they are pretty easy to knit – doesn’t take long unless you have a big head or big hair, well if you had big hair , you wouldn’t a hat!

  4. It appears that you have the best mom ever! I’m sure you and your sister will choose something wonderful. I also think Diana’s idea of adding fringe to pre-purchased gloves is brilliant.

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