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Today (September 12th) was my third blogiversary. It sneaks up on me every year. I’m actually kind of surprised I am still doing this. I like it though, so here I am, and here I will stay for a while.

This is the first year that I will NOT be posting about the Carrefour European du Patchwork, and that makes me sad. I am missing it already and it’s not even until next weekend. I’m also missing my mom a bit. It was nice to have someone to share the load with for a week

We didn’t just move furniture and decorate kids rooms while she was her. We did a few touristy things too, like take a submarine tour off Waikiki.

It took four tries, but we finally got out on the tour Monday afternoon. Poor visibility had canceled the previous two days’ dives. We felt just like tourists except for the fact that we were the very last ones on the boat out to the sub because we had to pick the kids up from school a mere hour before the last dive of the day and drive from suburbia all the way to Waikiki (tourists don’t usually have to figure school into the schedule).

Ocean Sweeper

Ocean Sweeper

From the shore, you take a boat out to the waiting submarine. In addition to the surfers, we’ve often seen people standing on a board, slowly gliding across the water using a long paddle. The boat guide called them “Ocean Sweepers” and tried to convince the kids that these are the guys that keep the water so clean and blue!

Artificial Reef

Artificial Reef

Underwater, all was blue too. The sub takes tourists past artificial reefs placed to attract fish and counteract the loss of natural reefs due to the presence of all us tourists. This kind is actually a Japanese construct on which seaweed is grown for harvest. It’s hard to tell from my picture, but there were all kinds of black and yellow fish swimming around. We checked off at least a half dozen different kinds of fish in our dive log that we saw, but unfortunately, not a whale, ray, or shark. My window got buzzed by a very cool parrot fish though!

Happy Weekend

4 thoughts on “Submarine

  1. the submarine tour sounds way cool – I wanna go!!!!! Maybe I can make you feel better about missing the Carrefour European du Patchwork because it´s been raining all day today and in the area it´s at they´re calling for exactly that weather all next week.. *sigh* that definitely puts a damper on touring all these different locations when your treasures get pre-washed just by walking around.. although I´m not going AGAIN, I hope the weather changes for those who do – and for us who are left behind because we´ll at least get to see the pictures of everything when the sun is shining because someone will be kind enough to blog them 🙂

  2. Whale season is winter months…not yet here! LOL. Hawaii Quilt Guild does a quilt show in May. Their web site can be found at: http;//hawaiiquiltguild.org or contact Susan Baker (hospitality) grannysusan@aol.

  3. I’m just back from the Carrefour European the Patchwork, Thursday was cold and a little sun, Friday was warm (20C),and it was very crowded, the ‘navette’ was terrible compared to other years because of to much people wanting to go from one place to another at the same time.
    The exhibitions were very different from another, some really great, some just good, the best was the competition ‘la plume’, really 36 masterpieces. I think pictures will soon be up on the website of ‘the carrefour’.

    Enjoy your time in Hawai, enjoy the time with your children, they will be grown-up before you know, little by little there will be time again for your art, don’t forget to leave the door open to your art, it will comeback sooner then you think. (a survivor of 2 times moving across the ocean with small children)
    groetjes, Lutgard in Belgium

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