10 Sep

Another Room Done

Katja’s meadow room is done. Well, except for the Hawaiian Scherenschnitte quilt I plan on making some day. My mom and I used Wall Pops to cut out grass and fantasy flowers. She also brought some serendipitously matching dragonfly Wallies that I think finished it off great. In the mirror you can see her bed decked out in a princess mosquito net (with roses) and a vintage Bear Paw quilt made with lots of feed sack florals. I broke down and replaced all the mismatched containers, baskets, and small storage bits she used to have with one long row of white cubes that we filled with green, yellow, and pink cloth baskets in which to hide all her toys and things with tiny parts. It looks so much tidier and fresh now!

11 thoughts on “Another Room Done

  1. so cute!
    i definitely will hire you when i need a kids room in our house! ^-^
    and though i love the bears paw quilt i can’t wait to see the hawaiian one you will make some day.

  2. Hey…wow I made it through your trip (finally)(and so did you, obviously!). I am glad that you arrived safely in paradise. Your lanai looks ABSOLUTELY beautiful! An oasis. The wall pops look very cool and what a fun room. I was looking through your quilts too, always very inspirational! THanks!

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