07 Sep

Too Busy

I’m too busy to fix my blog. I have a really good excuse though. 


My mom is here and we’ve been too busy shopping and eating and playing tourist to spend much time contemplating blog themes.

We’ve hung pictures, rearranged furniture, bought bookcases, found COSTCO, gotten lost, tried to go on a submarine (no-go as there wasn’t enough visibility underwater), made our own volcano:


Explosive Volcano

Explosive Volcano

…bought Aloha wear, went to the Windward side of the island:


Scenic outlook

Scenic outlook

… and persevered until we found Ladybug Plants in Waimanalo — possibly the best plant nursery ever! The plants are plentiful, the staff unbelievably friendly and helpful, and the prices are great. 

And we went to Dave’s and ate Mochi ice cream just because:


Strawberry flavored mochi ice cream

Strawberry flavored mochi ice cream

I was tempted to try the Taro ice cream because it was purple, and maybe pair it with the greenest Green Tea ice cream I’ve ever seen, but the idea of pasty Taro wasn’t enticing me. I’m not sure I’d go for Mochi ice cream again though. The ice cream was good, but the mochi around it was kinda like bland fondant and I just didn’t find the combo exciting. I much preferred the gooey/crispy pairing of last weekend’s poi mochi. Now I’d like to try some real Japanese mochi just to round out my mochi experience. Dave’s had all manner of Bubble Drinks though, so obviously I’ve been hiding under a rock all these years and am the last one to discover these!

9 thoughts on “Too Busy

  1. Code Monkey working on it.

    Main page not look right, need more Tab or Mountain Dew.

    Individual page (when you click to read comments or just one detailed entry) looks right.

    Code Monkey trying. Code Monkey waaaaaay out of his element, not really sure what he’s doing, but doing lots of back-ups along the way. Code Monkey quietly singing his song….

  2. Mr. Incredible is hilarious. So glad yu’re having fun discovering the places and things around you. Mochi both fascinates me and makes me wary. It’s one of those things I’ve read about for years but suspect I wouldn’t like all that much. Your description confirms. I really don’t like fondant.
    Is Hilo Hattie’s still going strong? I recently re-discovered the shirt for Roger and matching dressI bought when we were there on our honeymoon nearly 25 years ago. Yikes!

  3. I discovered the mochi ice cream at Trader Joe’s several months ago and I love it. I think I just love anything gummy, rubbery, etc. I am a recovering gummy bear addict. Maybe I was Japanese in a former life. I served it to the STASH group last time we met at my house. I think they all liked it. I am particularly fond of the green tea flavor.

  4. Mochi ice cream is ok, but not at the top of my fave list! Mr Incredible makes me laugh with his tech talk. The Kristin look appears to be restored.

  5. Hi Kristin, I met you at AQT (Sue Benner’s class) and have read your blog ever since. We lived in Aiea for 5 years. Wondering just where you are. I did Jackie Sorenson step aerobics at Hickam. Although we weren’t military, some of my best friends were. When you and your mom need a real respite visit my favorite place, Queen Emma’s Summer Palace run by the Daughters of Hawaii. Emma and Queen Victoria were good friends. It’s a cool oasis at this warmest time of year. Lots of German influence here too (Biedermeier furniture). Lovely quilts here and at Mission House Museum. Be sure to get the kids shave ice with bean at Masamoto’s on the North Shore. Enjoy!

  6. Ooooooh….’cause I needed Code Monkey stuck in my head for the rest of the day! (Love it, though, and maybe a beer will make it go away. It’s almost that time.)

    Aren’t moms great for all that stuff? Glad you’re having fun!

    p.s. I love mochi ice cream but the rest of my family has no use for it. And strawberry lemonade bubble tea? Huge thumbs up if you can find it.

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