12 Jan

Color & Composition Basics

I’ve been saving these pictures until I had some time, and nothing else really going on. I have just whipped out a baby quilt which I’ll share just as soon as I finish sewing on the binding, but in the mean time, here’s my grayscales and color wheel for Color & Composition.

My first thought was “Hmm, before I go shopping for fabrics, I wonder how close I can get with what I have on hand?” Here’s a grayscale (with as little as possible being patterned) and a graphic grayscale:

Near-solids Grayscale

Graphic Geryscale 1

Not bad, I thought. I can just skip this then. Well, then I realized that the next exercises called for creating a composition with values of gray in seven steps, so I figured my steps should be a little more accurate (I have particular problems with the jump between steps 5 and 6 in the graphic grayscale). So, I tried again, this time buying some fabrics from my wonderful, but slightly limited, fabric shop on post. Not perfect, but better, I think.

Graphic grayscale 2

And, finally, just because I have one already, here’s a color wheel. I made this one (again, with somewhat limited resources) to show students in my begining quilting class that red and green don’t have to mean solid Xmas green and solid stop-sign red. It can mean a pink check and an undulating olive pattern, or a sage polka dot.

Color Wheel

I find it easier to explain complementary or analogous color schemes to quilters when looking at actual fabrics than looking at solid colors. But then again, just who is letting ME teach?! They must be desperate here 😉

4 thoughts on “Color & Composition Basics

  1. Oh, Kristin, you are always putting the pressuure on me to get going with my commitments. I hope I don’t have to go shopping. We shall see. Mr. C is going out of town this week-end so maybe I will have time to work on this.

  2. Okay, I keep flip-flopping about doing the color wheel…I’ll see after I return from the fat quarter sale tomorrow. I was going to do the grayscale since I like monochromatic quilt designs.

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