29 Aug

The Newest Arrival

Mine, mine, mine, all mine!

Oh happy day — my very own car is in our driveway!

You may also note the lovely suburban house we are renting. I want to fill it up with Pottery Barn or West Elm furniture because it is so sleek and clean. I won’t, but it inspires me to (who knew having no individuality could have so much style?).

You may also note the palm tree in the front lawn. Cool. There’s more (plus ginger plants and hibiscus bushes) in our back yard. I am going to buy some tropical style patio furniture this weekend because the lanai and yard really are very, very nice and I want to be able to enjoy them as much as possible.

All that’s missing are a crate(ish) of stuff that was in storage in Arizona (washing machine!) and my hubby.

I’ve also cleared more than just a path to a mattress in the sewing room, so not only will my mom have a place to sleep when she arrives, but I may actually get back to some sewing projects soon. And that should mean more interesting posts in the near future.

5 thoughts on “The Newest Arrival

  1. OMG! You are a pointed headed intellectual who drives a Volvo!! Hee! I used to have a blue one. I loved it. I didn’t buy another one because I didn’t like what Ford did to them.

    Hope your other crate and Mr Incredible arrive soon. I have no doubt that your Mom will arrive as scheduled.

  2. It looks perfect…and just the kind of place to relax and have fun decorating…your car still looks great! Will be anxious to hear what project you embark on soon.

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