22 Aug

A Homecoming

Today marks a nice little before and after.


The above picture is our kitty Madison during his 28 days in quarantine. As forced confinement goes it wasn’t too bad — he had an indoor/outdoor enclosure with platforms so he could be up high if he wanted, a comfy chair in the outdoor part, his carrier with a soft towel, two meals a day, regular visits from us, and all the Barbara Streisand and Frank Sinatra music he could stand.


But it’s sure nice to have him home with us and parked back in his favorite spot on the big desk

10 thoughts on “A Homecoming

  1. There’s something comforting about getting things back in “order”…now you just need hubby home….

  2. I wonder what Madison is thinking:
    ” I woke up in my kitty cage, now I’m at home with the family. What is going on?”
    or “I wonder where my next meal is.”

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