21 Aug

The Before

What, what, what to blog about? I’d love to be blogging about all the projects in my head. I have a mushroom quilt I want to make in conjunction with all the free piecing fun going on over here, I want to finish Zavi’s race track quilt (top is done), I want to make the hawaiian/scherenschnitte meadow quilt I have in mind for Katja’s room, I actually have an idea for the next 12 x 12 challenge, I want to finish quilting the houses and roots quilt I set aside months ago when things were being packed up, and I want to continue working on the forest fabric I bought from Dijanne.

But, I’m overwhelmed. Not to worry, it’s the overwhelmed that anyone would feel when unpacking from a move, doing changes of address, needing to catch up with the bank reconciliations, fighting an ant invasion, finding that the new vacuum cleaner didn’t come with the parts you wanted, helping with homework, the usual cooking (though one meal a day less as the kids eat at school), visiting the cat in quarantine, getting papers signed, hooking up (and failing) the electronics, programming a new phone (though thankfully in English this time, not Dutch), learning where everything is in a new city, etc., etc. …

Luckily, my mom will be here in less than two weeks to help! However…

Studio/Guest Room Before

This is the state of “her” room. So far, I’ve just dumped everything that was in the (larger) studio/guest room in our old house here. Not too inviting, or conducive to sleeping.
Let’s just call this the BEFORE picture and hopefully in less than two weeks, I’ll have an AFTER picture to share. Then I’ll have something kind of art related to blog about, right?

8 thoughts on “The Before

  1. au verdammt (‘tschuldigung!)…
    looking at the picture I just thought about poor you, having to get everything into place again, unpacking… an unloved work.
    on the other hand – my house never has been as tidy as it was right after unpacking the boxes, so it might have a good side, too 😉
    you’ll have another pic to share, I’m sure. and you surely will make it a wonderful room in no time! 🙂

  2. As long as there is a mattress and a pathway to it, I’ll be fine. Then we can work together to turn the room into a studio/guest room.

  3. I am having a deja vu all over again. I am so happy to hear that your reality mom is coming to help. I will do as much virtual help as I can! 😀 Just give me directions!!

  4. My studio/guest room looks the same except I haven’t moved! I live in mortal fear that my Mom will venture across the state to visit! So, take a deep breath and dive in! Cheers.

  5. Honey, I keep telling you — put out a clipboard for people to sign up, and the volunteers from Blogville will come and do all this for you for free!

    Will work for beer? Nah — will work for a guest room at Kristin’s house in Hawaii!

  6. I think Mr Incredible is on to something… This part of a move always sucks, but you’ll get through it and then your place will be fabulous.

  7. I have all the faith that if ANYONE in the whole wide world can get this move straightened out and under control, it is YOU! (By now you’ve probably taken care of all of it!)


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