17 Aug

Something Hawaiian

Everyone’s been so quiet, but you are all dying to see some proof that we’re actually in Hawai’i, right?
Even if you’re not, here it is anyway.

While we were living in the hotel we had time to check out a few beaches. Here’s a nice little one at Hickam Air Force Base (where you can watch planes take off from that spit just to the left of where the kids are):

Kids in the surf

Last weekend we went to a festival at a beach park in Honolulu. I have to keep up my Fest Quota you know! There was food, the ocean, a view of Diamond Head, and rides, of course:

Festival at Ala Moana Park

And finally, there’s Shave Ice. It is soooooooooo good — especially with the vanilla ice cream on the bottom.

Shave Ice: yummmmmmm

17 thoughts on “Something Hawaiian

  1. I can just imagine the fun your kids after having after the colder northern climate! Hope you are settling in nicely with your own things. Cherrie

  2. Shouldn’t you be posting photos of the guest room? I think that’s what everyone really wants to see. That, and they want the 1-800 number to call to make reservations to come visit you.

  3. We trek to Maui each fall. It’s our place to enjoy “island time” and just kick-back and un-do.

    Pretty soon you’ll be able to let your hair hang down, and enjoy being an islander. The pace is remarkably different.

    With the kids back in school, it will be easier to get your mojo back, not to worry.

  4. Yes, thank you for the beaches and the palms! Now your loyal and eager reader in Finland is satisfied. You guys really are there 🙂

  5. Hi Kristen,

    Yes, of course I am dying to see your new environment, just try to be patient knowing how busy one is after such a huge move! But, it is good to have you back online again. Wishing you a wonderful tim in Hawai, from another tropic island

  6. Wow, it probably feels like vacation weather. You are doing great by the way. I could never be so organized and have fun too.

  7. Ooohh, I know that little beach at the AFB! I visited a military family member there a couple of years ago; the base is gorgeous.

    Actually, I found Waikiki disappointing – compared to some of the lovely European beaches I know, it looked so small to me.

  8. oh mr. incredible, you are soooo right.
    there is one thing I love in hawaii: the fragrance of all these wonderful flowers. it’s everywhere.
    looking forward to see your house and more of the area. I was quiet to give you time to settle, now I will lurk here to see and hear new things.

    aloha!!! and hang loose!

  9. My first Shave Ice was in Kona! MMMMMMM! We immediately went home and bought a Shave Ice kit, but it wasn’t nearly as good or fun. I think you have to be in Hawaii.
    Great to finally see some pics! You ARE settling in!


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