08 Jan

More Color & Composition Exercises

Wow, three posts in one day! It’s amazing I actually had time to get dressed and have breakfast today.

For all you waiting anxiously for the next installment of “Bloggers go to Art School” here’s my exercises from pages 26 to 29 of Color & Composition:

First, a composition using black strips placed parallel to the edges of the white ground. I’m calling mine a grid composition (This was my second attempt, first one will not be shown in public).

Composing With Line: parallel

Next, another composition with none of the strips parallel to the edges. This was kinda obvious, but I like it. It’s happy. A radiating composition, of course.

Composing With Line: non parallel

Now we get to use curved strips. I went for a diagonal composition and like the way the foreground and background intermingle.

Composing With Lines: Curves

For the fourth composition we get to use up all the leftover scraps. (I had no leftovers and so cut some more.) I wanted a horizontal composition, and although the proportions of curves to straight strips are asymetrical, the composition itself could possibly be considered bilaterally symetrical. So I don’t know what category it falls into, but I don’t care because I like the way the curves interact with each other.

Composing With Line: Combo Plate

As a bonus suprise, look what happened when I put them all together. Looks to me like a spaceship landing near a waterfall on a sunny day.

All four black and white exercises

OK, two more exercises. First is a composition in one color with a predetermined amount of shapes. This one is asymetrical.

Composing with Shape 1

Lastly, I made another composition with the same shapes, but now with the addition of a 2″ square of another color. Pretty vertical, if you ask me.

Composing with Shape 2

Stay tuned for greyscales and color wheels. I need to go get more Wonder Under before attempting the next set of exercises.

7 thoughts on “More Color & Composition Exercises

  1. I think those four b/w pieces put together as you have them in the photo are awesome!! I’d love to see you actually put them together and make them a finished quilt!

  2. I just posted mine…your 3rd one makes me wonder if layouts work better or hold more impact if there is one dominant orientation and one or two others that are supporting…staying with just one orientation there was a need to have a variety of line lengths. It was hard for me to just do one orientation…i kept doing them over too. I was surprised that one of the quilts at Quilt National last year was only black and white. Are you going to sew the four panels together?

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