20 Jul


The number of days we have left until we fly to Hawai’i.

The number of teeth Katja has lost so far. The most recent one fell out yesterday, and we fully expect number four to fall out on the other side of the world.

Toothy grin

Three is also the number of boxes we have to send by mail to get all the stuff we still have to Hawai’i. Box one was computer parts TS&WGH decided he didn’t need with him after all. Box two was the Playmobil Ritterburg. Box three is incredibly heavy with school backpacks and books and stuff that the sentimental side of me wants to keep as a reminder of their years in the german school system. And, unfortunately, now it looks like I’ll have to pack a fourth box because with all our paperwork, toys, clothes and toiletries, it’s just not all fitting in our small-ish suitcases. Arghhhh. At least the Army will reimburse us for all this.

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  1. Wow, the big move is coming soon. Does it all feel real now or still a blur of activity and lists of things to do. thinking good thoughts for you.

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