19 Jul


Today we attended the Schulfest. After a mere 100 years, our local school has progessed from the dull descriptive of “Leimen Elementary and Middle¬† School” to having an actual name: Turmschule. It means “Tower School,” which is appropriate for several reasons which only have significance to those of us living in Leimen. The important thing is that the school celebrated the naming with a big party. There was singing and dancing and speeches and bratwursts and drinks and of course, cake and coffee. The classrooms each had activities for the kids.

Entering Katja’s classroom, we had found that two of her classmates had drawn this fabulous ferry, and someone had made an island. Apparently, this ferry goes to Hawaii because Katja added another island on the other end (complete with a small volcano and hula dancers) and her friend Isabel added a very happy volcano to the existing island.

Happy Volcano

You can tell it’s a happy volcano because of it’s smiley face!

I could have¬† cried from the sweetness of the other kids’ grasp of not only how far away Hawaii is, but WHAT it is as well — and that it meant enough to them to express their understanding in a big picture in the classroom. AND they did this on their own; without prompting from their teacher.

Yeah, I’m gonna go cry now.

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  1. Weepy here too!

    Aren’t you so thankful that Katja is old enough to remember all this?! Benjamin doesn’t even remember Maine and it’s only been two years.

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