18 Jul


Chocolate Chip cookies in a jar

These are cookie dough in a jar. (Katja wrote that, but decided that writing was too much work and she didn’t want to write the blog post after all.)

Today was the kids’ last day of school. We I made these gifts for their school and music teachers, and the chess club teacher. Perfect gifts for male or female teachers, minimal supplies needed, nothing exotic, and nothing for the recipients to hide away in a drawer until they eventually throw it out. School stuff is now packed up with a few other household items in a very heavy box that we’ll put in the mail on Monday.

No homework for at least 10 days!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “5

  1. July 18th is the last day of school? No wonder there’s a stereotype of a humor-less German!

    Travel safely! And please thank Katja for writing in English, not German.

  2. What a great idea! Is everyone getting excited about the move? Have you made any felted baskets? They are fun to make and take a little longer than dish cloths. They also make great packages for little gifts at the holidays. Wishing you safe travel. Cheers.

  3. we here in the next town have three days more. have to suffer til wednesday 😉

    enjoy your last days here and have a safe journey!

    hope to see you next year :))

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