17 Jul


Knit potholders

Remember the knit pot holder I made on World Wide Knit in Public Day? It’s now multiplied. Two have been felted and two are waiting their turn in the washer. I’ve been using the top one and even washed it again. After it’s first trip through the dryer it shrunk up a little and really works great. My wool was supposed to last through our 16 hours on airplanes, but I think there’s only one pot holder left in my yarn.


Sorry about the crazy “zooming through my bathroom in an acrobatic airplane” photos — I clicked once too many and saved too quick and was then too lazy to go back and rotate the washcloths to a more normal angle. Looks very “bloggy” though, no?

So, I bought three 50 gram balls of cotton and knit one more (bringing the grand total to five) Ball Band washcloth and two Wedding Washcloths. I’ve got enough of the variegated yarn for one more stripey washrags, but I suspect it will be finished long before our flight next Wednesday.

BTW, my gauge was all off, but it doesn’t matter. The solid blue was too thin for the cheapo needles I have here, so I doubled it up and have a nice thick, thirsty washrag. The variegated yarn was too thin, but not as thin as the solid, so I knit it up anyway. I like this about knitting. This is why I knit squares. I like that anything goes. I’ll save the measuring and accuracy for my sewing projects.

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  1. what is the deal with knitting on planes… some web sites say DON”T BRING KNITTING NEEDLES….. and yet, knitters on blogs knit on planes… is that why you are using cheap-o needles??? in case they take them????

    what should I do??? to knit on the plane or not to knit on the plane……

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