05 Apr

Journeys Onward

The Other Woman

The Other Woman, McGuffey Art Center, Charlottesville, VA, 2014

Last year, my Army Wife apron, Home Fires was part of Support and Defend, an exhibit at the VETS gallery in Rhode Island devoted to art by military service members and their families. That show went well and much of the artwork went to a follow-on exhibit There and Back Again. I am excited to announce that thanks to the tireless efforts of curator Paul Murray, the show has been expanded as Journeys Onward and will be on view at Hygienic Art Gallery in New London, CT from April 29 through May 27th, 2017. My apron will be joined by The Other Woman, shown above, Suck It Up, Absence II, and Unravelling (all of which can be found under The Army Wife within the Galleries tab above). It’s an honor to represent the spousal side of the military family, and I’m especially thrilled that these artworks get the opportunity to go out into the world again and speak for me — hopefully sparking conversations.


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    • Thanks Mary. Yes, I did see the Tribune article. I thought it was all over the place — starting with Mary Fons, who does not make overtly political quilts, and moving over to the social commentary basically because of a comment she made. The better article was the one published by the LA Times about a year ago, from which the Trib article used some photos and text. I’m happy to see social commentary quilts getting attention though. It may come as a surprise to some, but quilters have been telling stories and making their opinions known through their “soft diplomacy” for decades. Whig’s retreat and Burgoyne Surrounded being traditional blocks which reference historic and political events, for example.

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