08 Jan

2017 Goals

I’m kind of hit or miss with the end-of-year or beginning-of-year blogging. I think it’s worthwhile though to look back and see that yes, it was a good and creative year, even though looking at everyone else’s lists might make you feel like  slug. Looking forward at potential goals for the upcoming year isn’t a bad idea either. Apparently I didn’t do this last year, so I don’t have a comparison of what I wished to accomplish in 2016 and what I actually did. But, I know that my intention for the first year in our new house and new city was to just roll with it. And that I did.

Now, six months beyond “The Year of Great Transition” home renovations have slowed down, and I mostly fill my time working at The Pine Needle Quilt Shop (which I thoroughly enjoy). There’s been a few art quilt moments, like Home is Where the Army Sends Us being part of a superb exhibit at the Textile Museum in DC, ‘Murica going to the big quilt festival in Houston, a gorgeous commission quilt that was a joy to make and very well received, and Death Shroud for Democracy being accepted into SAQA’s Layered Voices show to debut at the Quilt Study Center in Nebraska.



Sliding into 2017 I am looking forward to a few more home projects, some relatively quick DIY ones like patching walls, painting, swapping light fixtures, and installing a stair runner, and some which require professional help, like new front and (possibly) back doors, and some backyard landscaping. I’m still working on the #notnormal quilt to enter into SAQA’s Posters exhibit, and the scrappy quilt for Beauty in Pieces. My pie in the sky goal for 2017 is to not only submit a proposal for a book, but to also have it accepted and start working on making it a reality.



But back to that scrap quilt. See all those bins? They are stuffed with scraps. In 2011 they were similarly stuffed, so I sewed all the bits together, cut them into rectangles, and by 2015 finished four quilts made from all those bits. There was a brief moment when the bins were nearly bare, but not anymore. I had so much fun making the medallion quilt from the neutrals bin (that is inexplicably still pretty full) that I’ve decided to make 2017 the year of the scrappy medallion quilt. I’m going to take each bin, or a pair of bins, and build quilts from the center out until I run out of fabric. I think, if necessary, I will allow myself additional fabric from my regular stash, but nothing new unless for a backing, and the quilt must “read” as predominantly scrappy. I think this will be fun!

Happy New Year and happy sewing!

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