30 Jun

To Bee or ?

I knew that bees really liked our lavender bushes, but I noticed today that there were no less than three varieties feasting on the perfumed plants in our little yard.

Honey Bee?

This little guy above looked pretty generic to me.

Same type of honey bee, or different?

This one could have been the same, but I thought he looked a little more yellow.

Bumble Bee

My favorites have always been these big, fuzzy, yellow, black and white bumble bees.

Red Mason bee or another type of Bumble bee?

And this one with the rusty colored back has got my interest piqued. Katja and her class recently built terra cotta pot homes for Rote Mauer Biene who are solitary, stingless bees. Could this be one?

We’re in the market for a new camera and I can see that a macro lens could be a nice feature. I also notice that these close-ups of the lavender make our yard look rather like it could be on a French estate. Ha! In reality, it’s only about the size of a two car garage (minus the footprint of one car). It’s nice to pretend though, and I like brushing up against the bush and releasing it’s fragrance as I take out the trash.

10 thoughts on “To Bee or ?

  1. Your pictures are lovely Kristin……and yes it does indeed look as though you have snapped them on your French country estate. I can almost smell the lavender, but the bees don’t excite me, as I am deathly allergic to them and often attract them like a magnet.


  2. We thought we had bees living in the shingled bulkhead above our porch so we called a beekeeper to come and get them. He said that they were yellow jackets and “they’s mean.” They looked like your second photo and he wouldn’t touch them. We had to go out at about 5:00 am (before they woke up) and put tinfoil and caulking at the spaces between the many shingles they were going in. It took a couple weeks to brave the critters and deter them. I hope their cousins stay in the garden; we need them there.

  3. we have a few very happy lavender bushes populated by bees by our driveway also.. and every now and then I pretend I am in the French countryside…

  4. Lovely photos :0). You would have LOVED the bees that used to congregate at my Mom’s old house, I swear some of them were as big as my palm. Of course, that could have had something to do with the hugely overgrown lavendar bushes. The only problem? Someone thought it was a good idea to plant them right next to the mailbox. Yeah, um, bye bye bushes :0).

  5. You should send some of those bees to the US. Have you heard that bees are disappearing. Could it be global warming or pesticides. Sort of like the canary in the coal mines? When I walk around the neighborhood, I snitch little bits of lavendar and rosemary to smell as I walk. Sort of aromoatherapy walking!!

  6. I too have been trying to photograph bees. If they would just stay still for a second! Your photos are great! I too like to pretend that we live in a huge villa surrounded by wilderness, but no, a row house is the reality. Your pretty lavender gives your place the feel of a French country home though!

  7. I can smell the lavender, I have one small bush growing from a cutting in my parents garden, the last bee interests me as I get those on my thyme and I have never noticed that kind until I moved here (scotlands islands) if you find out anything about it I too would be interested,

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