28 Jun

A Typical Weekend

Last weekend, the kids and I used our last few days with our car to make one last visit with friends we’ve known nearly our whole time here. Needless to say, we had a great weekend. It never ceases to amaze me how great their daughter and my kids all get along despite the fact that they play together only once or twice a year.

Being Nürnberg, our priorities were the zoo (Tiergarten), and Playmobil Fun Park

Grooming a Playmobil Horse

Where the girls spent a whole lot of time with the horses again

Milking a Plastic Cow

and Zavi milked a cow.

He scaled castle walls as well:

Life sized castle

I love how Playmobil Park is really just a great big playground. Everything is kid-powered and encourages exploration.

We’d been to the Tiergarten before as well, but it’s a really nice one and we really couldn’t go to Nürnberg without seeing their adorable new sensation, Flocke:


OK, she’s just a baby polar bear who’s mama rejected her and must now be raised by humans, but she’s really cute. Berlin has Knut, and now Nürnberg has Flocke. We waited in the hot sun to see her, and I can’t say it was really worth it, but we had to do it anyway.

When we left our friends to return home, they gifted us the entire Ritterburg (knight’s castle) that my kids play with every time they visit (although the walls are a bit small to climb up). We’ll have to mail it to Hawai’i, but it’s totally worth it and now the kids have something to play with until we fly. THANKS!
Smaller scale castle

As has been typical here lately, on the drive home we saw lots of cars with German flags in anticipation of Germany playing in the European Cup semifinals. My favorite was this “only in the former eastern block” Trabbie filled with fans and flying the colors.

Schwartz, Rot, Gold

By the way, Germany beat Turkey and will play Spain for the title on Sunday!

5 thoughts on “A Typical Weekend

  1. M & M would so love that Playmobil park. i think that Castle is the same one we gave Miles for his birthday. When is your last day in Germany?

  2. Oh, how Miss Tinkerbell would LOVE the Playmobil park, and the zoo of course! LOVE Tavi’s new quilt — I think the lines echoing the flag would be a good idea, with maybe some echo around the applique!

  3. Who would have thought it would be fun to milk a plastic cow? How cute, I think we need a Playmobil Park in the US.

  4. O… M… G… we missed you by a day or 2.. ha ha ha.. that would have been too funny! It´s definitely one of my favorite places to be!
    But instead of heading to see Flocke afterwards we drove down to Lego-Land for the next 2 days 🙂

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